DECALU 110 STEEL. The system with the “steel look” visual style enables building doors and windows with a characteristic visual effect of cut profiles imitating industrial steel door and window elements. It has proved its value in the manufacture of external doors and windows in modern buildings and in the renovation of already existing industrial buildings and such with a facade made of clinker brick.

The DECALU 110 STEEL system, with the so-called “steel look” visual style, is constructed based on the solutions of the SoEasy range. It is also the warmest window system in this category available on the market. The system uses the same accessories and connectors as the basic system DECALU 88 standard. The movable post in the DECALU 110 steel system in its minimum version has a visual width of 111 mm. The fixed posts and mullions are glued directly onto the glass and correspond visually to the trapeze shape of the main profiles of the frames and sashes.

DECALU 110 STEEL system parameters:

  • installation depth 110mm
  • max. glass thickness 63mm
  • Uw ≤ 0,9 W/m2*K
  • combination with the movable post 111.5mm
  • frame and sash combination 83mm

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