WESTA – the complete fireproof system as the first in Poland with ITB- KOT 2 approval

WESTA, the complete fireproof system intended for building internal walls and doors as the first in Poland recieve the technical assessment ITB-KOT-2017-0238 wydanie 2, which includes doors and walls in fire resistance class EI60 and EI30, as well as EI1 fire safety box.

Examination the WESTA fireproof wall, height of 4.2 m, without the limit of the width, was according to the full mechanical testing procedure.

According to the philosophy of our company, the WESTA system is a combination of excellent usability, aesthetics as weel as ease and speed of prefabrication. WESTA door profiles enable glazing of very wide packages. Due to the unsymmetrical construction with glass clips from the inside and transferring the weight of the glass to the profiles and minimize the number of glazing elements to only one element, the entire montage process was considerably simplified and fasted- even up to 40% compared to other systems on the market.

In the WESTA system the frame and sash depth is 82 mm.
Thanks to the special construction of the glazing strip, it is possible to fix the glass in several configurations – symmetrically or asymmetrically single fire glass, single-chamber glazing or double-chamber glazing, with the maximum glass thickness 60 mm. Use of triple glazing improved the thermal parameters of the system. WESTA with Ud about 1.5-1.6 W / m2 * K is also the warmest fireproof system on the market.
The use of fire protection fittings at the corners increases the stability of the structure during a fire.

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